The Emerald Tablet (DARKSiDERS)


TITLE: The Emerald Tablet (DARKSiDERS)


PUBLISHER: Sekai Project

RELEASE DATE: 7 Dec, 2019

GENRE: RPG, India, Visual Novel


Enter the world of alchemy in the daily adventures of the money-hungry but good intentioned Misty, the arrogant adventure-seeking Gladys, and the explosive “expert” Winifred. Enjoy the classic JRPG-style mechanic of crafting elements in a story where Misty seeks the truth of alchemy that is bestowed upon the Emerald Tablet.

In The Emerald Tablet, players can take part in crafting quests from the townspeople, ranging from the mundane tasks, such as crafting normal household items to more elaborate ones. Players are also able to customize their character’s growth, equipment and attributes by collecting materials for crafting. Create a character that is truly unique that will be victorious in battle!

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Download Here

Note: Turn Off Your Antivirus Before Installing Any Game

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2. Install! Copy crack to install dir.

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• OS: Windows 10
• Processor: Core 2 Duo (Core i3 or higher recommended)
• Memory: 4 GB RAM
• Graphics: OpenGL or DirectX Compatible Graphics Card
• DirectX: Version 10
• Storage: 2 GB available space

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