Honey Select 2 Libido DX [ScrewThisNoise] [English-Uncen] + [Update R10]


TITLE: Honey Select 2 Libido DX



RELEASE DATE: May 29, 2020

GENRE: Anime, Mature, Nudity, Simulation

FILE SIZE: 52.1 GB (File Compressed)

Slated for May 29th, 2020 we have Illusion’s newest game – Honey Select 2: Libido. The sequel to Illusion’s 2016 release of Honey Select will include a similar premise of its predecessor in which you are greeted by a new lady named Für who introduces you to a love hotel where you can find the person of your dreams. Feel free to spend sweet and hot moments with your partners or feel free to fuck like animals and put them in situations which your partner may or may not agree to.

Honey Select 2 will try to top the original Honey Select as the ultimate character creator.

What’s known: 11 character personalities at release including 1 unique personality for Für, new outfits, more sex positions and sex situations, transferable characters from AI girl to HS2:L and vice versa, VR mode, Studio Neo Version 2.

What is included in the base game?
- Base release game
- All preorder extras
- Newest official update as of 30.10
- Premium Miko DLC
- Premium Succubus DLC2
- Premium Sister DLC
- Premium Bondage DLC
- DX Expansion

(*) = Optional mod
(**) = Utility

Updated in release 8 (this release):
- Added Freelancer604's Community Pose Pack 01
- Added Freelancer604's Floor Model Poses Pack
- Added Freelancer604's Seated Pinup Poses
- Added Freelancer604's Standing Cute Poses
- Added Freelancer604's Standing Cute Poses 2
- Added Freelancer604's Standing Emotive Poses
- Added Freelancer604's Standing Poses
- Added Freelancer604's Standing TA Poses
- Added essu's HS2_CopyChaBodyMat v1.0
- Added Mikke's SilhouettePlugin v1.0 (*)
- Added OrangeSpork's HS2_EarWiggle v1.0.1
- Added OrangeSpork's HS2_EyeLookAdjuster v1.0
- Added OrangeSpork's HS2_FKHeightAdjustUI v1.0.2
- Added OrangeSpork's HS2_MakerSortIconReplacer v1.0
- Updated BepInEx to v5.4.18
- Updated BepisPlugins to R16.9.2
- Updated IllusionFixes to 19.1
- Updated XUnity.AutoTranslator to v5.0.0
- Updated Animal42069's HS2_BetterPenetration to v4.5.1
- Updated Countd360's MMDD To v2.3.1 (*)
- Updated DeathWeasel's HS2_FKIK to v1.1.3
- Updated DeathWeasel's HS2_MakerDefaults to v1.1
- Updated DeathWeasel's HS2_MaterialEditor to v3.1.13
- Updated enimaroah's SB3U v21.3.3 (**)
- Updated Hooh's Animation Pairing to v1.2.0
- Updated Hooh's HS2_Hooah to v2.2.0
- Updated Keitaro's VNGE to v34.1 (*)
- Updated Marco's HS2_CheatTools to v3.1.1
- Updated Marco's HS2_OverlayMods to v6.0.7
- Updated Marco's HS2_StudioExtraMoveAxis to v2.0
- Updated Marco's HS2API to v1.31.1
- Updated Marco's RuntimeUnityEditor to v2.6.1
- Updated Mikke's HS2_MapController to v1.1
- Updated OrangeSpork's AdvIKPlugin to v1.7.0
- Updated OrangeSpork's HS2_AdditionalAccessoryControls to v1.2.5
- Updated OrangeSpork's HS2_ChainLighting to v1.0.1
- Updated OrangeSpork's HS2_CharacterRandomizer to v1.1.7
- Updated OrangeSpork's HS2_OutfitPainter to v1.0.1
- Updated OrangeSpork's HS2Graphics to v0.5.1
- Updated OrangeSpork's MoarCamz to v1.0.8
- Updated thojmr's HS2_PregnancyPlus to v6.2

Updated in release 7:
- Readded BonesFramework
- Added Calscks's HS2_MultiAngleRotation v1.0.2 (*)
- Added OrangeSpork's HS2_ChainLighting v1.0
- Added OrangeSpork's MoarCamz v1.0.6
- Updated BepisPlugins to R16.9.1
- Updated DragAndDrop to v1.2.6
- Updated HideAllUI to v2.3.2
- Updated IllusionFixes to 18.1
- Updated XUnity.AutoTranslator to v4.20.0
- Updated 2155X's HS2_StudioAccessoryNames to v1.1.1
- Updated 2155X's HS2_StudioMiscSearch to v1.2.0
- Updated Dainty's Deformers to v0.6... again
- Updated DeathWeasel's HS2_MaterialEditor to v3.1.10
- Updated DeathWeasel's HS2_UncensorSelector to v3.11.5
- Updated enimaroah's SB3U to v21.3.1
- Updated Marco's HS2_BrowserFolders to v2.6.2
- Updated Marco's QuickAccessBox to
- Updated Marco's HS2_OverlayMods to v6.0.5
- Updated Marco's HS2_CheatTools to v3.1.0
- Updated Marco's HS2ABMX to v4.4.5
- Updated Marco's HS2API to v1.28.1
- Updated OrangeSpork's HS2_CharacterRandomizer to v1.1.6
- Updated OrangeSpork's HS2Graphics to v0.4.6
- Updated OrangeSpork's HS2_AdditionalAccessoryControls to v1.2.0
- Updated thojmr's HS2_PregnancyPlus to v5.2
- Updated Sauceke's LoveMachine to v2.4.0 (*)

Link OneDrive:


Link Mega.nz:


Link BowFile:


Link Rapidgator:


Link GoFile:


Link Userscloud:


Link Send.cm:


Link MegaUp:


Link PixelDrain:


Link Uptobox:


Link 1fichier:


Link Torrent: (Using qBittorrent)

Download – Mirror1 – Mirror2

The game is updated to version R8 (31.01.2022)
Due to the need to patch BepInEx 5.3 plugins to BepInEx 5.4 format, initial/first launch will take longer than usual. This is a one time thing, until plugins are updated for the new format.
This pack is made with a up2date base game as of 30.10.2020, along with the components listed in credits, all up2date as of the release date of this pack. Some extras have been included, but are either easily removable or are sorted into folders marked [OPTIONAL].
If you have trouble starting the game, start the game once through the launcher (InitSetting.exe), this will check for errors and fix them as well before starting the game.
You can update the sideloader modpack (clothing mods etc) from the launcher. Just press the icon in the lower left corner of the launcher with the arrow to check for updates.
• IF YOU’RE MOVING FROM ANOTHER REPACK: I don’t recommend just extracting this over another repack, due to potential conflicts. Please extract this to its own folder and move over your chara, cap, studio and save folders.

Honey Select 2 Libido DX Update R8 to R8.1-BetterRepack

OneDrive – BowFile – 1CloudFile – Mega.nz – Userscloud – Sendcm – Rapidgator – BayFiles – PixelDrain – MegaUp – Uptobox – 1fichier 

Honey Select 2 Libido DX Update R8.1 to R9-BetterRepack

OneDrive – BowFile – 1CloudFile – Mega.nz – Userscloud – Sendcm – Rapidgator – BayFiles – PixelDrain – MegaUp – Uptobox – 1fichier 

Honey Select 2 Libido DX Update R9 to R10-BetterRepack

OneDrive – BowFile – 1CloudFile – Mega.nz – Userscloud – Sendcm – Rapidgator – BayFiles – PixelDrain – MegaUp – Uptobox – 1fichier 

[Optional]-Sideloader Modpack For Studio 20220405: [Size: 87.8 GB]

OneDriveMega.nz – MegaUp – 1CloudFile – Userscloud – GoFile – Sendcm – AnonFiles – BayFiles – Rapidgator BowFile PixelDrainUptobox1fichier

The Mods Patch 87.8 GB is not required to download, but if you want to play Full Mods, Download & Copy all files to “mods” folder inside gamedir
Contains multiple assets for animation in StudioNEO. Not relevant to those interested in just playing the game.

Note: Turn Off Your Antivirus Before Installing Any Game

1. Download & Extract release (using WinRAR or 7zip)

2. Download Sideloader Modpack & Copy all files to “mods” folder inside gamedir

3. Open the game directory and launch “[BR] HoneySelect 2 Registry Fixer.bat” before starting the game

4. Launch “InitSetting.exe” to change language and configure options

5. Launch “HoneySelect2.exe” to start the game.

6. Enjoy!

General Notes:
Some games need to perform the following steps, to avoid problems when running the game
• Block the game’s exe/the game folder in your Windows Firewall to prevent the game from trying to go online
• If you install games to your systemdrive, it may be necessary to run this game with admin privileges instead


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit version)
Processor: Intel Core i3 4000 / Intel Core i5 4000
Memory:  4 GB RAM
Graphics: VRAM 2GB NVIDIA / GeForce 700 ATI RADEON R-200
Storage: 10 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: Version 11



122 Comments on “Honey Select 2 Libido DX [ScrewThisNoise] [English-Uncen] + [Update R10]”

  1. Everything works fine but i can’t start the sex scene on quest 2. any ideas how to fix this?
    it was already working with R5 when i moved the stick on the right controller or the mouse wheel.

  2. The game worked very well for me, in the creation of characters, but I can choose the girl to go to the scene for the hesenas h, but I try to choose the map automatically, it moves to the perspective of the girl and does not let me do anything, help please

  3. The game worked very well for me, in the creation of characters, but I can choose the girl to go to the scene for the hesenes h, but I try to choose the map automatically, it moves to the perspective of the girl and does not let me do anything, help please

  4. tried many changes but
    7zip states MISSING GF090322-HS2DX-R8.part12.rar–
    linux urar states same MISSING ______ part12.rar.
    neo\studio and honeyselect ALL state error “mono” in many forms
    -mono.dll missing — fail to load mono — No _data folder\file for
    honey etc.
    THIS is seen as spam download to waste data for user
    is “screw” getting paid for the VICTIM downloaders.
    AS a trial before purchase full games this a complete FAIL and Illusion\fakku etc should take action against those WASTING peoples time and data allowances.

    1. same here , tried everything , i never got to see anythin on the sceen , just the cursor

  5. How to Update to DX R.8.1 ?
    cause the InitSetting.exe have Unknown version release
    i tried to update with DX R.8.1 in ofc website but it shows “failed to load mono” …

    any help sir?

  6. why the fuck i can’t click on the fuckin download links mother fucker shit! it’s just repeating to scroll up the fuckin website!

  7. Anyone who play Honey Select 2 DX LIBIDO
    Can i tell some problem with this game

    Why i cant go to sex scene and i cant go to “call a girl” to
    Its so 🔥🔥🔥
    I can event create a man or women 😔😔😔
    1000 times i already clicked that and nothing happen 😔

  8. my HS Libido is on update better repack R5….
    where is the update from R5 to R6 and R6 to R7 ????

    why there is no link to update from R5 to R6 and R6 to R7 ????

    thank you bro.

  9. hi how do i update this 2

    • HoneySelect 2 DX Update R4.0.1 to R5-BetterRepack

    • HoneySelect 2 DX Update R5 to R7-BetterRepack

    already download but don’t know hoe do update

  10. forget it, if you have this same problem just move the file to local drive C:/ and rename it to something shorter (in my case HS2) and run the game as administrator

  11. When I start the game and it shows me the second tutorial on how to call a girl to my room, it won’t let me go ahead and remove that help window from the tutorial, it only lets me go back and forth in 2 images but I can’t remove it and go forward with the game, I press enter and escape but that window does not close. What I can do?

  12. Hello, I’ve downloaded the R4 to R5 / R5 to R6 update, but this just broke the game, DX expansion don’t work anymore, and after playing a scene, it goes withe screen (on main game).

  13. Hey so i download this game and i dont see any problem, so i updated the game to R7 and update again in KKKmanager. I got so many characters and clothes card, but when i try to load it, it say “Blablabla missing…” do you know where to download them?

  14. everything work but I cant found how to translate the game everything is in japanese , even when I first lauch the game if ini.exe and choose my flag he cant found it

  15. @dev Bro how the fuck do you upload a link amd then make it complicated to find because you are essentially the dev of this website, can you clean up your website and fix your links please and thank you im tired of using script tool to track viruses just to download alink

  16. Opens to a black screen and that’s it. Look all over the net and seems other have this problem, but no answer.

  17. I am getting a “failed to confirm user information” error when i try to access HS Downloader in Network.
    Can someone please help?

  18. Just wanted to thank you for sharing the game, and providing use with all the optional mods. I also think that you showcased everything wonderfully.

  19. Hey I was wondering if anyone can give me more in-depth installation instructions? I downloaded all parts of the game and scroll down to the installation instructions but all I see for the first step is “Download & Extract file”. Which file am I extracting exactly? Since it has multiple parts?

    I extracted the first file but what do I do then? Do I just extract all the remaining zip files and continually drag & drop the files into the first folder? If so, what about all the conflicts? Since all the zip files seem to contain all of the same files including .exes and not just specific ones? Any help on this would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!

    1. These are the basics. Why don’t you use gg search to learn how to use them? You can choose part01 or any part to extract, the result is the same.

  20. And also, is it safe to just copy paste to my existing non-DX HS2 (after updating it manually from 3.1 to 4.1 of course)?

    this question also applies to your latest version of Koikatsu and AI Shoujo as I’m planning to update all of my games*

  21. how to fix the problems with the character cards stuff,
    It said please load card but i don’t know how
    some said use this card
    all of them give very creepy face and warning

  22. Which one do I download, there are 2 links, 1 for R4 and 1 for R5, which one is the right one, what does R4 OR R5 even mean?

  23. Hi, when i lauch the game it stays in the main menu, but the menu doesnt appear, only the bar and the pool how can i fix it?

  24. Hi all,
    Ive got some trouble.
    When i launch the game, there is a black screen, and after the screen log, and a white screen…and its all.
    Just a white screen after the logo screen.
    I launch befor the register fixer. bat, of course.
    But the game stay on thise white screen.
    Any idea ?

    1. bonjour a tous. j ai aussi un petit problème que vovo d’ecrit plus haut un écran blanc après le logo du jeu, j ai du ratte une étape visiblement. une explication détaillé serai bien venu car un chemin plus cour d installation ne ma pas aidé. le jeu a l aire d’être sympa. je ne doit pas être dans le même cas….merci

  25. Could you please tell me why my game version is R1.2.3? I’ve only downloaded 42.3G of the main program, thank you!

  26. my game is stuck on back screen when i opened it for first time. how to cure it , or do i have to remove all game and extract it again ? do i have any easy way to do it .please help

    1. Launch “[BR] HoneySelect 2 Registry Fixer.bat” before starting the game

  27. Oh nevermind I alreday know what was the problem, I forgot to open the registry fixer before starting it for the 1st time, I did it and the game goes fine 😀

  28. Hey guys, if download here don’t work, try the official BetterRepack torrents:

    Install in a short path like `C:\HoneySelect2DX`. The file `HoneySelect2.exe` must be in this short folder, NOT inside `D:/Illusion New/[GAMEPCFULL.COM]-HoneySelect 2 DX BetterRepack R4.0.1/`. Do NOT extract in the Desktop, in Program Files or over an old install
    Extract the [OPTIONAL] file in `mods` folder
    I recommend to use the program qBittorrent to download torrents, other torrent clients seems to have problems with the tracker

    And read the wiki: http://wiki.anime-sharing.com/hgames/index.php?title=Honey_Select_2

    1. Hey m8 does the R8 repack come as a stand alone, or do i need to patch the game through them all? Thank you for the help!

  29. Good evening, I have a problem, I downloaded the game, extracted it, and when I started it from the initsettings.exe the game simply stays in a black screen and the only thing that shows up is a cursor, the only way to make the game run normally is deleting the bepinex related files, but that removes the translation that i wanted, I would appreciate it if someone helped me solve this problem, or is playing the vanilla game the only solution ?

    waiting for your repplies 🙂

  30. Can we please have some better instructions for installing the modpack and accessing them in-game?
    Please and thank you.

  31. First, you are truly the heroes us horny broke fucks need but not the ones we deserve, lol.

    So I have two issues
    1. I dont see the “Honey Select
    registry” option anywhere.

    2.I have an error that says “Unityplayer.dll” not found

    any support you can provide is appreciated.

    Keep being awesome.

  32. This is the first time i know about this game, so when i finish download and extract all the files, then i can just play this game, am i right bro?

    1. Also, you should rename your game directory for short and simple (example: D: / honeyselect2)

  33. The Mods optional links for Mega.nz doesn’t appear to take me to the actual mods. Instead to some random ad site and everytime I try to work around it, more ads open up. It doesn’t even go to Filecrypt that leads me to Mega like the other Mega Links do for the base game. If you can help me out with this, please do. I’d prefer to only download it from Mega.

  34. so when i click the download links,it says 503 Service Unavailable. No server is available to handle this request.

  35. I always get error when starting the game even when I use the launcher
    it always crash, and give this error message “HoneySelect2 – Unity 2018.4.11f1_7098af2f11ea”
    then the program stopped working, then I need to close the program

    can anybody help? what should I do to solve this problem?

  36. How do you install the updates? I downloaded all 3 but when I run the application -> choose the destination folder with HS2 files, but It says “can’t find better repack R1 files”
    What folder do I install it in?

    1. Note for this version: This is NOT the last HS2 pack, the team mod just resetting the pack versioning for HS2 DX to make a clear cut between Pre-DX and Post-DX. The next HS2 pack will be a HS2 DX pack.

  37. Good sir, what’s the difference between this and the unlimited?

    The unlimited is like, 28 Gigs, while this one is less than 1 G?

  38. Hey,

    unfortunately i fool around a bit and thougt installing BeInpex new would be a great idea..since then…the game doens’t work correctly.
    If i put in the BepInEx 5.4.5 x 64 with Plugin R16.2 it worked, but with stutters and the Graphic stucks only at low i think no changes possible….when i apply BepInEx 5.4.5x 86 with Plugin R16.2 the Graphic is fine but it doesn’t load the plugins…only Jap. language and the Gamescences are in Nirvana.. no characters and maps loading (only backgorund colour it the map) (menu still active)

    what do i have to change?

    best regards

  39. Hi, just downloaded this package (without optional mod pack) and installed according instructions on a clean system but many faces look distorted in creator. Do I need to do more?

  40. I would like to know if I can extract it in the base game folder because I already have it and I only want the dlc dx?

  41. I managed to install them. I have one problem though. The maps that come with the sideloader modpack provided load but only some will show inside of the game. Any solution?

  42. Hello. How do I install the Optional mods file and the sideloader modpack? Optional mods I think they go inside game root but I can’t get sideloader working. It says extract contents inside mods folder. I moved the two folders inside the rar (sideloader maps and studio) inside mods folder. What do I do now? Thank you in advance.

  43. Hello,
    It seems that after I start the game and talk with Fur I cannot click almost all the options.
    I cannot sleep, I cannot request a girl and if I press the Help button I remain there and cannot exit the Help menu. On some buttons I just click them, they turn yellow and nothing happens.

  44. I am still having some trouble trying to open up the game. All I have is an infinite loading screen, I can’t even reach the lobby. I hope there is a solution to this!

  45. is there any different between the sideloader pack that come with torrent and the sideloader pack in the update section?

    1. Please follow these steps to check:
      1. RENAME the folder of your game directory for short and simple (example: D:/honeyselect2)
      2. run “[BR] HoneySelect 2 Registry Fixer.bat” to reg
      3. Start the game once through the launcher (InitSetting.exe), this will check for errors and fix them as well before starting the game.

  46. What’s different in the “Modpack For Studio 20201025” download with base game which is of 50GB and the Optional download below with the same name of “Modpack For Studio 20201025” but is a 53.5GB download instead. Are the Mods the same or are they updated in the 53.5 version?

    1. Mod versions of HS2, HS2-DX & AI SHOUJO are the same and “20201025” is more updated.

    1. If you connect too many times to filecrypt, you will need verify captcha to bypass anti-spam/ddos

  47. Hi, First, thanks a lot for you work. It’s incredible!!!!
    Couple of mouth ago, i found my answer but i forgot the solution. When creating a girl, faces templates are deformed. Eyes are weird, faces are ugly. As if elements were out of phase.

    Any tips to resolve this?

  48. A question , please , with update Br R3 present in this page , at wich date are updated all the mods ? i mean for example the last vr mode , is updated ? wich version ? tanks

  49. The .exe was removed from my folder after playing for a while. Is it possible to just send me the exe? Redownloading the whole thing will take me a long time.

  50. I’ve installed the game. Everything is fine. All is English all good. But cant start no Sex or something. I reinstalled and missclicked in the iniSetting and he there was no translation says the Launcher. The Translation will be tanslated via google. But now the game is Japanese and i cant change it. Any Ideas for help? :/

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